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Wow, so I haven't posted here in a long time.

Um. Not much has changed. I played Alan Wake finally and really enjoyed it, even if Alan is kind of absolutely a massive dick. Will pick up the DLC when I am a bit more financially solid. Replaying DAII now on Nightmare mode after finally making a One True Warden save, so that's nice. Husband also just played DAII for the first time, so it's been a very Dragon Age-themed household for a few weeks. I thought for a brief time that I might manage to not romance Fenris, and was planning to hold out for Sebastian, but then I got distracted and flirted with Fen anyway. Sigh.

Watching husband begin Final Fantasy VII now. I hope he'll like it, because he was uncertain about DAII and then really enjoyed it so I don't want to break my streak.

As for reality, uh. Everything's just sort of milling along. I should go back to work soon but the future's so up in the air that I don't want to apply for work until I know what's going on... and I guess I'm enjoying not feeling like crap for the first time in like a year. I'm still trying to work out uni, anyway. I'm enrolled in a Masters of Social Work but I kind of hate the university, and there's a Bachelor of Laws/Theology course at another uni that I'm interested in. But there's something to be said for incumbency. idk.

Alex is going really well, though! She's smiling and starting to make babbling noises. It's really, really cute. :)
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Tried to play Dragon Age 2, with the intention of playing a male Hawke for once. Got so frustrated with the inability to make a mildly attractive male under the age of 45* that I just gave up. D:

*It's ironic since I actually often like making older characters, but dude looks older than his mother. D:

Baby due tomorrow. Apparently 5% of babies arrive on their due date. Doctor thinks it'll be a few days yet because she's only partially engaged atm. Have decided to tempt fate tomorrow by going out to have lunch with my dad. I may regret this.
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Finished replay of Dragon Age: Origins. Kind of disappointed in it, tbh. Spoilers, obvs. ) Considering playing Awakenings even though it's essentially what's wrong with DA:O and DA2, but might either skip that and just play DA2 or play something else entirely. Baby is kicking way too much for me to concentrate on anything right now, omg.
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Have entered a strange stage of pregnancy where I'm uncomfortable with the unfamiliar to the point of not being able to play new video games - I feel a bit stressed and confused whenever I try! So I've been replaying Dragon Age: Origins and Dead Rising. Here are some thoughts on DA:O. Spoilers for it and 2. ) And here's a much shorter bit for DR1. )
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