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Apr. 2nd, 2012 12:28 pm
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It might be a warped impression that I'm getting from watching my husband play the 360 game, but Naruto has a REALLY broken Aesop, on multiple levels. Sasuke ditches his friends and is a total jerk (to put it lightly) to Naruto, while repeatedly telling Naruto to leave him alone and that he's not interested in being his friend... and Naruto obsessively trying to stay friends with him is a good thing?

Kids these days.
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My paid account on LJ expired a few days ago. I am less distressed than I thought I would be about the loss of icons, so I suppose that's something. I only really go there to comment on communities and read journals that haven't moved to DW, so I guess that's it.

Uni starts next week. The university have been really pathetic about getting the timetables up - everyone is allocated into different groups, and you derive your timetable from that. The groups were only released a couple of days ago. This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't also the case for people who have clinicals - ie, people only found out a couple of days ago where they were going to be working for the next few months. It doesn't affect me, but I feel sorry for them.

I've been kinda out of it for the last few days and have just been blobbing out on the couch. Mostly been playing Fallout: New Vegas. I forgot how good this game is - maybe I was just playing it wrong the first time, but it's way more fun now. Spent most of yesterday running around doing odd jobs for the NCR, then capped it off by wiping out everyone in one of the casinos. Good times.

Also been watching a bit of anime. Specifically, the Persona 4 anime, Tiger & Bunny, and No 6. Enjoying all of them - P4 a bit less so, but I haven't seen much of it so I'm hoping it'll kick into gear later on. It's good for novelty, at least.

Decided to pre-order Mass Effect 3, just in case I do get really into it and end up kicking myself for not doing so earlier. Besides, the collector's edition DLC looks pretty solid. Hopefully I actually like it.
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The perils of sharing an Amazon account with one's (mid-PhD) father. I originally went on there (after spending half an hour trying to remember my password) after reading on one of the Anime News Network columns (I originally just read the Answerman one for the lulz, but some of the review ones are actually okay) that the columnist had bought the DVD releases of the old 90s X-Men cartoons. And, lo and behold, there they were, just waiting for me to gleefully purchase them. That is like my childhood, right there on compact discs. Today is a good day to buy things.

I've been reading and watching a bit more of Ouran Host Club, and I have to say, as much as I'm enjoying both mediums, so far, I really prefer the anime. The comedic parts just work so much better, since so much of the humour is in the line delivery. It's kind of strange because I'm reading and watching them at around the same time, so I'm up to the same point in both. Do the plots eventually diverge? (Is... there actually a plot, or is it just amusing standalone after amusing standalone? Personally, I'm fine with either.) Even more than that, I've been watching the anime in the dub, much to my 13-year-old self's horror no doubt. I like both versions, but dub!Haruhi's deadpan delivery is just so good, and my Japanese really isn't good enough to fully pick up on such subtleties as 'sarcasm'. (As a random aside, it's been nearly a year since I stopped doing Japanese. Taking that into account, I'm surprised at how much I actually remember.)
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Title: New Beginnings
Fandom: Gundam SEED
Rating: G, all five. I'm so tame.
Timeline: Varies between twelve years pre-SEED and several years after Destiny.
Notes: 5/25 posts for my Cagalli claim at [livejournal.com profile] bigthingsinlife. Drabbles all; I think the longest is about 500 words. 8D

i: first birth )

ii: first enemy )

iii: first memory )

iv: first father/daughter moment )

v: first funeral )
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