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Baby is officially three days late. Have been going a bit mad with impatience, but today had induction scheduled for next Friday. I'll be in hospital from next Thursday, but hopefully the whole business can be averted by the baby showing up herself. Kinda over all the excitement. This site about sums it up. Not that I blame people for being excited, it's just... draining. It's all anyone really talks to us about any more, even family and friends, I'm physically in pain almost all the time, and late pregnancy mood swings are fucking disconcerting on a level I've never experienced before. Seriously, this is not just "I am mopier than usual" or "dawwww cute baby", it's "I am euphoric/in a fugue for no reason whatsoever, and knowing this does not empower me to change it at all". It's disturbing and, I guess to a certain extent, an insight into difficulties other people face every day. At the risk of being Captain Obvious, it's amazing what one takes for granted.

Anyway. Been playing Dead Rising 2: Off The Record while husband plays DR2 classic. It's been an interesting comparison so far. I'd forgotten how many little improvements are in OTR, like freezing the screen to check the Scoops. I'm in a sad place right now where, aside from Lollipop Chainsaw, there really aren't any games I'm looking forward to for quite awhile. Resident Evil 6 is probably the next one; while I like watching Assassin's Creed, it's firmly husband's thing and not mine. (In the same way that Bioware games in general are my thing. I'm... not sure whether I got the raw end of that deal or not.)

That probably makes me look like some kind of zombie maniac, but it's more that releases I'm interested in are pretty thin on the ground. I'll pick up the new Devil May Cry game (which part isn't capitalised again?) because I'm a glutton for punishment, but I'll try and not get it at launch at least. Unless the demo is insanely good or something. This is not just because of the aesthetically-displeasing redesign, but also because DMC4 was a pretty huge disappointment, and I am really sick of picking up sequels at launch and hating them. Why hello there, FFXIII-2. Was it half an hour I played of you? Felt like longer, but... idk. Maybe I'm just a big grump.
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Have entered a strange stage of pregnancy where I'm uncomfortable with the unfamiliar to the point of not being able to play new video games - I feel a bit stressed and confused whenever I try! So I've been replaying Dragon Age: Origins and Dead Rising. Here are some thoughts on DA:O. Spoilers for it and 2. ) And here's a much shorter bit for DR1. )
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A whole lot of talk about babies. )

On a completely different and much sillier note, about six months ago I bought a new copy of Dead Rising to replace my old one, which suffered the "lent to friend I don't see any more" fate. Went to play it yesterday - turns out the copy is NTSC. I don't even know where I bought it, let alone have a receipt, and one of the three candidates has since closed down. So now I'm still down a copy of Dead Rising and I've got an NTSC version. Don't suppose anyone wants it? Don't even worry about paying postage, it's useless to me anyway.

Edit: There's also a copy of Disgaea 3 for PS3, same story.
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