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So I am still alive! As it turns out, a baby actually takes up a surprising amount of time. Here's some RL stuff. )

Yeah, that's honstly about it for real life. And in terms of video games, specifically DmC and WoW. )
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Just tried out the demo of Mass Effect 3. My hopes for it weren't especially high, given that I played the first few hours of the first game and found it way too clunky to be enjoyable, but I actually really liked what I playe of 3's demo! So much that I stopped playing after the first section, actually, as I don't want to be spoiled. Not sure if I'll pre-order and pick it up at launch or wait a bit. Might wait, as I'd like to at least try ME2 first.

I've also restarted a new game on Fallout: New Vegas and I'm enjoying it heaps. A lot more the second time than the first time, actually! I stopped playing it because I found Caesar's Legion to be unbearably stupid bad guys in terms of sheer puppy-raping. I'm just arsing around, so I'm only up to Novac, but it's fun so far. I don't actually talk about it much for whatever reason, but Fallout 3 is probably one of my favourite video games ever, so originally I was down on NV for the crime of not being 3. I'm now enjoying it on its own merits.

I think I mentioned this earlier, but I've been watching Battlestar Galactica. I'm more of the way through the second season, and omg it's great fun. I love all the characters so much even when they're being total shits to each other (which is like all the time wtf) and argh I wish I'd checked it out years ago. It's one of those shows where I hype backlashed against it really strongly and took a set against it for no good reason. Like Sherlock. Fuck, I hope this doesn't mean I should watch Sherlock.

Fiance has discovered that he can hook World of Warcraft up to our TV on his new laptop (formerly my Pro). I am in a sad place because I do not currently have a computer that will run World of Warcraft. goddammit those herbs aren't gonna farm themselves! Maybe I'm just bitter because he's playing in glorious 50-inch HD... in Hellfire Peninsula. DX
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I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a paid account on Dreamwidth today! I'm really enjoying using it, I like the ethos that the designers have, and it's really not that expensive. I've got to get a whole bunch of icons, though - I actually lost most of mine when I was switching computers! I'll still be crossposting to LJ, though. I might change my username here. I'm sure that arise seemed awesome and hipsterish to me in 2009, but here in 2012 I'm just sort of baffled by it. I think I was going somewhere with it, but where?

Replaying FFX, as I am wont to do. Theo and I have a pretty good system right now whereby he's leveling a pally to play with my overlevelled hunter, so FFX-WoW is in full swing. That said, even though I'm Hunter 4 Lyfe and all, I've actually been messing around with a priest and really enjoying it. Especially dungeons, which is... odd, because I've always sworn not to touch actual multiplayer content with a ten foot pole. But being a healer is simple and satisfying.

To elaborate a bit on the last post - we had the 20 week ultrasound yesterday, and our baby girl is doing fine :) She's absolutely where she's meant to be down to the day. It was freaky as hell seeing the ultrasound, though - on TV, it's always like these smooth images of a serenely floating baby. This was basically a mess of tiny little bones flailing around. I'm not sure which was weirder, the tiny little paw-like hands and feet or the spine. I used to think of babies as fleshy little blobs, but now all I can think of is the skeleton!
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