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Attempting to roleplay has been stymied several times by the little one being testy. Murphy's law when specifically applied to babies dictates that they will go through their fussy periods at the exact time you had planned to do something, and it will not occur to you that you could've undertaken this activity at any prior point during the day when they were sleeping peacefully.

Husband is downloading Secret War because idk a bunch of our friends like it. I haven't played anything but Civ since the birth. idk I'm just not in a gaming mood lately? Would like to get back on the Mafia II horse, though. It's one of those games where you enjoy playing it but once you put it down you forget to pick it back up.

Almost finished watching the entirety of The West Wing. Moving on to 24 afterwards. Have watched so much TV in the last few weeks that I don't even know what to say.
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Getting a chance to update is pretty hard. Not even because we're super busy, but I keep thinking of it only as I'm going to sleep or whatever. Thanks for everyone's well wishes :) Baby is just over two weeks old now. Her name's Alexandra, and she was born big and healthy. (Almost 4.2kg and 53cm, or in confusing-measurement terms, 9.2 pounds and 20.8 inches.) Labour was not too bad but it is not an experience I would recommend. Anasthesia is not nearly as reliable as I had been led to believe by others. We're settling in nicely now. Husband is on uni holidays and I can't go back to work yet, so we're spending most of our time nesting in the lounge. We have been marathoning The West Wing to the extent that leaving the theme music playing acts as a fairly reliable lullaby. Also playing a lot of Civilization, which is more or less what kept me sane in the hospital. (I did not so much sleep during my stay there as fall unconscious between turns.)

Honestly I think I'm becoming really really boring. Have a bit of random insomnia right now, but it's actually kinda nice being up alone; husband and baby sleeping in next room, so it's not like I'm missing anything. Fuck, I'm domestic.

Haven't played the ME3 extended cut yet, and will probably just yt the endings at some point. I don't have enough points on my multiplayer to get the good endings, and the reports about whether the multi prereqs have been changed are really contradictory, so I'm not getting my hopes up too high. I've been pretty disillusioned with the ending since I realised that 2/3 choices begin with the thesis "so Saren/TIM actually had a pretty good idea...". Also still bitter about Jacob and other mances getting so thoroughly shafted; didn't notice it on the first playthrough because I'd Liaramanced. I still like Liaramance best, but it sucks no-one else got what they wanted.

But hey, BioWare endings, never that good. One of my favourite things about finishing any BioWare game is watching husband rage over the ending even though he didn't play the game in question. I think he was more pissed about the ME3 ending than I was.

uhhh long entry is long so I'll just finish it with; watched him play Lollipop Chainsaw. Somewhat conflicted about it on a gender studies level, but it didn't look like that enjoyable a game, so I guess that's that. Gotta give Suda51 props for style, though. Next game I'm looking out for is Sleeping Dogs because idk I must have all sandbox crime games, even if it takes me forever to play them. (Still going on Mafia II ffs.)
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I know it's not something that anyone else on my flist is into, but I'm super-excited about the V20 Companion Deluxe Edition. Not even so much for the thing itself -not actually a huge Vampire fan-, but for the hope that White Wolf and other game companies might seriously start looking at Kickstarter and the like as a payment and distribution model. Everyone and their mother knows about the Order of the Stick and DoubleFine successes, so I really hope it's something that can extend to the tabletop RPG market too.

Uni has started, and it's been pretty good so far. I've met the other members of my group (lots of groupwork) and they all seem nice. The work is okay for the most part too - kinda boring first year stuff, but nothing too challenging, thankfully. I'm cautiously optimistic about the semester!

ummmm not much else to say. I'm pretty much obsessed with Fallout: New Vegas and Battlestar Galactica right now, though I'm almost finished the former. Planning to move on to Mass Effect 2 afterwards, as I preordered 3 in the end. Anyone else into ME? I played the first one and didn't like it that much, but I've been told the gameplay gets a lot better in 2, and I enjoyed the demo of 3 a lot.
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Just tried out the demo of Mass Effect 3. My hopes for it weren't especially high, given that I played the first few hours of the first game and found it way too clunky to be enjoyable, but I actually really liked what I playe of 3's demo! So much that I stopped playing after the first section, actually, as I don't want to be spoiled. Not sure if I'll pre-order and pick it up at launch or wait a bit. Might wait, as I'd like to at least try ME2 first.

I've also restarted a new game on Fallout: New Vegas and I'm enjoying it heaps. A lot more the second time than the first time, actually! I stopped playing it because I found Caesar's Legion to be unbearably stupid bad guys in terms of sheer puppy-raping. I'm just arsing around, so I'm only up to Novac, but it's fun so far. I don't actually talk about it much for whatever reason, but Fallout 3 is probably one of my favourite video games ever, so originally I was down on NV for the crime of not being 3. I'm now enjoying it on its own merits.

I think I mentioned this earlier, but I've been watching Battlestar Galactica. I'm more of the way through the second season, and omg it's great fun. I love all the characters so much even when they're being total shits to each other (which is like all the time wtf) and argh I wish I'd checked it out years ago. It's one of those shows where I hype backlashed against it really strongly and took a set against it for no good reason. Like Sherlock. Fuck, I hope this doesn't mean I should watch Sherlock.

Fiance has discovered that he can hook World of Warcraft up to our TV on his new laptop (formerly my Pro). I am in a sad place because I do not currently have a computer that will run World of Warcraft. goddammit those herbs aren't gonna farm themselves! Maybe I'm just bitter because he's playing in glorious 50-inch HD... in Hellfire Peninsula. DX
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Sorry about inactivity. Finally started reading A Song of Ice and Fire, about four months after buying it. asdf it is awesome. I've been recommending it to all my book-reading friends. Finished the first book yesterday, and am running out tomorrow to buy the second. Why did I not read this sooner? ;;

Um. Have started playing RD again because one of my uni friends is playing it for the first time, and, as we all know, it is generally not very hard to encourage me to play RD. I'm up to... I can't remember exactly, but it's late in Part III, after the Crimeans show up late to the party. Am continuing my thing of training a bunch of characters to see how good they are, but the results so far have been depressingly mediocre. Boyd, who is usually pretty good when I don't train him, is apparently horrible when I do put conscious effort into using him. And Tauroneo is just terrible, but that's to be expected.

My mother's gotten really into Fringe and seems to think I'd really like it. I'm planning on giving it a shot, but does anyone else on flist watch it? Is it any good?
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