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Finished replay of Dragon Age: Origins. Kind of disappointed in it, tbh. Mainly with Alistair. I always really liked him and thought he was really cute, but after playing through the Loghain ending... wtf. I find him to be kinda RUINED FOREVER.

To backtrack a bit, one of my main beefs with Anders was always the fact that he deserted the Grey Wardens. It bothered me on a lot of levels - being a Warden is a Big Fucking Deal, it's not like deserting stop the dreams or the taint, and it's about the biggest dereliction of duty ever. Eventually I came around to justifying it in Anders' case as being Justice-related and an early foreshadowing of his inability to give a shit about anything but mages. Also the fact that he left just after a Blight when it's unlikely a new archdemon would show up, I guess.

Alistair? Ditches the Wardens at the height of a blight, when he's the senior Warden in Ferelden, and when he's just made a deal over his birthright. Even leaving aside the option of pointing out that Duncan absolutely would not have approved, it makes a lot of his other stuff feel really hollow. Him not being able to let go avenging Duncan is one thing, but to the point of abandoning the Wardens when they need him most... ugh. Changes my views on him completely. :/

Other than that, um. Loghain is actually pretty fucking awesome, and Anora is a fierce bitch. Wooo team Mac Tir.

Considering playing Awakenings even though it's essentially what's wrong with DA:O and DA2, but might either skip that and just play DA2 or play something else entirely. Baby is kicking way too much for me to concentrate on anything right now, omg.
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