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Fire Emblem no resets playthrough came to an ignominous end because we reset a lot during the Dawn Brigade chapters. XD;; It was about at the point when husband lost Edward, Leonardo and Nolan on, like, the fourth level, so... yeah, saving future misery. So now it's "no resets unless we really really really have to"! Fun is more important, anyway.

I've got a weird task ahead of me this week - going through my father's stuff. He's back from his field work now, and has decided to divest himself of most of his earthly possessions. For some people this might be a cause for concern - for my dad, who's a total hoarder, it's great. What that means for me, though, is that I've got to go around to his place and pick through his stuff for anything I want before he chucks it away. It's not bad, but it is weird. He still lives in the same house where I spent most of my teenage years, even though my mother and I are both gone, so most of the stuff there is filled with memories. Even being there feels awkward a lot of the time, let alone considering things.

There's also the fact that I'm pretty much an anti-hoarder, so much of it cosists of him trying to stress how emotionally significant something is and me not really caring about my class photos of Primary School #6 that I hated anyway. I guess it feels like going through a dead relative's things, except thankfully no-one's passed away. It's still awkward and uncomfortable, though. I took everything that was mine from there when I moved out. All I'm taking now is various knick-knacks belonging to my parents that I've always liked, which does not number very many. (He showed me a storage room; I left with a small milk crate.)

Still, if it's awkward for me, I can't imagine how weird it is for my mum. Honestly, I'd rather get it over with as soon as possible - I'd go tomorrow if I could, since I know it'll only take me an hour or two. But she can't get over there until Saturday, and I don't want to leave her to have to do her part of it by herself. Especially since her part will take so much longer.

Time does march on, I suppose. Perhaps it'll be cathartic.

big baby!

Mar. 29th, 2012 10:08 pm
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Had an appointment at the hospital today! Didn't learn much, except that apparently baby is a bit bigger than average, so yay for that. (It explains my beachball tummy, at least!) And then went baby-shopping with husband/mum/bf, so yeah today was a day of babies. I'm feeling pretty positive about it all, though it's hard to believe it's only ten weeks away. I'm going pretty heavily into nesting mode, characterised chiefly by buying a whole bunch of furniture at Ikea and nagging husband to assemble it. 8D

Have just started playing RD for no-resets run - on Normal mode, as you recommended [personal profile] amielleon. Only just started the first level, so no trends to report yet. For PoR, we made it to endgame with only a couple more losses - Rhys and Rolf in 28, and then Marcia and Stefan in endgame. Had a surprisingly successful time using Largo as a pinch-hit in Endgame!

Still haven't started Mass Effect 3, but may do so tonight if I feel up to it. Every time I try, it won't let me connect to the Origin servers :/ I'm playing on 360, but I need to dl all the stuff I got with the Collector's Edition. Once I do get it working, I'm planning to play pretty solidly.
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I deferred from my uni course today. In some ways, it was a snap decision, but I've been worried about my ability to continue for awhile. Besides, now I can wait for the results from my first degree to come through, and look at a few different Masters programs. Or even take some extra time and do post-grad for my BA. Either way, it's nice not to feel like I'm working to such a deadline. I feel kinda bad, like I've given up, but it's really the most sensible option right now.

I'm honestly a bit worried about my physical state, though. idk, I feel so drained all the time, I keep getting random hot flushes and dizziness, blurred/black spots in vision, weird symptoms like that. I've got a hospital appointment on Thursday, so I guess I'll get it checked out then.

In FE playthrough news, sadly lost Mia in Chapter 24, and Boyd just now in Chapter 26, both to freak criticals. Such is life, I suppose. We're almost there! Our Rhys is seriously fantastic - I've never had much luck with him before, but this Rhys turned out pretty amazing.

Going to start on Mass Effect 3 soon, given that I don't have much else to do with my time. Should be fun! :D
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Going okayish on earlier-mentioned bullshit assignment. Higher education is such a pain sometimes. The whole process is weirdly cathartic, actually - we have to analyse a life transition, and I'm doing the early stages of my pregnancy.

My pregnancy which is coming to an end worryingly soon. It's hard to believe that the baby's due in ten weeks. I've gotten so used to being pregnant that the idea of not being pregnant, let alone having a baby to look after, is bizarre. It feels like so much more time has passed, but really, we've only known about the baby proper for about five months. Ah well.

Inspired by [personal profile] amielleon, husband and I have started a tag team no resets Hard runthrough of FE9/10. Well, almost no-resets - it's only his second time playing, so in order to convince him that this was not AN IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE, we agreed to each pick a champion (I picked Soren, he picked Gatrie) and to reset each chapter if they die, and also if Ike dies/we hit a lose condition. Fortunately we've only had one such incident so far, and that was neither of us being aware that Naesala's ravens can and will claim the sieze point on the ship level where you get Astrid. We've lost three units so far - husband lost Shinon way back in chapter 7 and Titania in chapter 9, and I stupidly lost Mist in Chapter 12 when I messed up the raven blockade formation. It's been a lot of fun so far! He's playing through Chapter 16 as we speak.

Have banned self from Mass Effect 3 until this assignment is done. Must. Finish. Assignment. At this pont, it's just become a matter of determination to know what all the drama is about!
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Restarted playing Radiant Dawn. I meant to just do a Hard mode run, but since I'm using Theo's Wii and not my own... there's no save data. I can't even play it on Hard D: And I can't turn battle animations fully off! Which sucks. I'm trying to do it as speedily as I can - midway through the Dawn Brigade chapters now. Typically, I have the Best Micaiah Ever, and also a pretty good Meg and Leonardo.

Kinda bored and not sure what to do with myself until uni starts. Have been filling the time with home renovations and such, but I don't have the energy to move furniture around all that much, and I can only focus on games/any reading at all for an hour or so at a time.
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Sorry about inactivity. Finally started reading A Song of Ice and Fire, about four months after buying it. asdf it is awesome. I've been recommending it to all my book-reading friends. Finished the first book yesterday, and am running out tomorrow to buy the second. Why did I not read this sooner? ;;

Um. Have started playing RD again because one of my uni friends is playing it for the first time, and, as we all know, it is generally not very hard to encourage me to play RD. I'm up to... I can't remember exactly, but it's late in Part III, after the Crimeans show up late to the party. Am continuing my thing of training a bunch of characters to see how good they are, but the results so far have been depressingly mediocre. Boyd, who is usually pretty good when I don't train him, is apparently horrible when I do put conscious effort into using him. And Tauroneo is just terrible, but that's to be expected.

My mother's gotten really into Fringe and seems to think I'd really like it. I'm planning on giving it a shot, but does anyone else on flist watch it? Is it any good?
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