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Have entered a strange stage of pregnancy where I'm uncomfortable with the unfamiliar to the point of not being able to play new video games - I feel a bit stressed and confused whenever I try! So I've been replaying Dragon Age: Origins and Dead Rising.

Origins is so much better in HD. For one thing, I can actually read the text now! Even so, though... I still prefer 2. The structure of Origins is better in terms of the branching questlines and in your decisions having an impact on the story, but oh my god the derived attributes are so stilted, the battle system is a convoluted mess, and it's so ridiculously unbalanced in terms of class.

I think I probably am more bothered by a lot of the gameplay flaws because they're the most strikingly Baldur's Gate-clone flaws, and therefore are essentially really common issues with tabletop games. I can't help but look at it and think of it as a terrible D&D clone. 2, on the other hand - yeah, the gameplay is streamlined and to a certain extent simplified, but you know what? I'll take balance and actual progression choices over One True Builds any day.

uhhh I should probably have some thoughts on the plotline. Um. Playing a City Elf Rogue. Defiled Andraste's Ashes and then killed all the cultists anyway, so that was pretty fun, even if it got Leliana pissed at me. She's boring as hell anyway. Killed Wynne in the Circle tower, which I kinda regret because I ended up letting the mages live anyway (picked the wrong option - apparently unless you explicitly tell Gregs to kill everyone, he can't bear the thought of living without Irving) and now I'm stuck with fucking Morrigan as my only mage. Planned to romance Zevran, was surprised at how easy it was (having previously gone through the Alistair cf). Wish there was a Stenmance option since my character is rapidly becoming The Littlest Qunari. Planning to kill Ali and get Loghain at the Landsmeet; had originally intended to marry Ali and Anora, but fucked it up by not hardening him. (I think it's pretty stupid that he'll only cave to you and Eamon's pressure and enter a loveless marriage with a title he hates if you encourage him to be more assertive and put himself before duty, but w/e.)

Might end up playing DA2 if time allows. Probably as a bloke for once! (m!Hawke isn't fugly like mShep, so I'm okay with playing as him.) Who knows, maybe I'll finish a non-Fenrismance game! ...unlikely, but it could happen. Merrill's romance is just too skeezy, Anders is a prick, and Izzy is so much better as a mate. And Sebs doesn't swing that way. Bugger.

Forgot how much I like this game. Also how terrible the survivor AI is, so it's a bittersweet affection. Was originally going for a perfect Survivor run, but after some admittedly self-induced stupidity, have instead decided to massacre all the survivors who piss me off. It's been very, very satisfying thus far.
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