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After my Serenity session today, most of us then went on to see the Star Trek movie, which I assure you all is just as awesome, if not more so, the second time around. (I already want to see it again. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?) And then on the way back, we bickered over the relative merits of weaponry, preferred alien races, and which series was the best. I fear that had we not reached my place, we would've actually in all seriousness ended up in a Kirk versus Picard argument. Being a nerdy loser is fun. 8D
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I went to see Star Trek today, and omfg it was awesome, I loved it. I feel kind of bad saying this, but in terms of being both a franchise instalment, and a stand-alone movie, it completely blew the Wolverine movie out of the water. Everyone was perfect (especially Zachary Quinto and whoever it was that played Kirk), and it was so funny. I think the humour was partially what won me over, to be honest - there were so many good little one-liners, and even though it did basically have a serious plot, it didn't take itself absolutely seriously. It was just great fun.

...also, Transformers 2 trailer. Hooray, explosions!
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