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Husband and I went to see The Dark Knight Rises today! Here are some spoilers. )

(Sort of) in honour of the occasion, we also went and picked up a few trades. Specifically trying to fill out the Secret Six collection (more Bane!), and we wound up picking up the first Journey into Mystery and (new) New Mutants as well. argghhhhh little!Loki so good. I'll be so sad if they really do age up Loki again because of the movie. DX
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The perils of sharing an Amazon account with one's (mid-PhD) father. I originally went on there (after spending half an hour trying to remember my password) after reading on one of the Anime News Network columns (I originally just read the Answerman one for the lulz, but some of the review ones are actually okay) that the columnist had bought the DVD releases of the old 90s X-Men cartoons. And, lo and behold, there they were, just waiting for me to gleefully purchase them. That is like my childhood, right there on compact discs. Today is a good day to buy things.

I've been reading and watching a bit more of Ouran Host Club, and I have to say, as much as I'm enjoying both mediums, so far, I really prefer the anime. The comedic parts just work so much better, since so much of the humour is in the line delivery. It's kind of strange because I'm reading and watching them at around the same time, so I'm up to the same point in both. Do the plots eventually diverge? (Is... there actually a plot, or is it just amusing standalone after amusing standalone? Personally, I'm fine with either.) Even more than that, I've been watching the anime in the dub, much to my 13-year-old self's horror no doubt. I like both versions, but dub!Haruhi's deadpan delivery is just so good, and my Japanese really isn't good enough to fully pick up on such subtleties as 'sarcasm'. (As a random aside, it's been nearly a year since I stopped doing Japanese. Taking that into account, I'm surprised at how much I actually remember.)
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So, being the utter genius that I am, I managed to injure my arm in aikido today when stretching my legs. Yeahhhh. Honestly, even I am surprised by my own level of fail sometimes. I've also got a presentaiton tomorrow that I'm not ready for at all, but eh, it's not actually graded, so I guess I won't worry too much. It's for the one course this semester that I'm actually enjoying, so I feel obliged to try a bit. On a completely unrelated note, but I've been meaning to link to it for several days now: I must say that this Penny Arcade comic is a thing of great truth, if not beauty. I'm pretty sure we must have the same ISP.

One thing I forgot to mention about when I went to see the Wolverine movie - I went to Doncaster, and oh my god their Borders shits all over the Melbourne Central and the Lygon Street stores in terms of manga. Their selection is beautiful. Must return there when I have, you know, money. (Being a disaffected child of the 90s, the comparative content of shopping malls is clearly a key issue.) I also want to pick up Resident Evil 5 sometime, perhaps as a reward for finishing one of the essays that haunt my waking hours. I was put off initially by the whole partner system, given the trouble I have making my 360 connect to Live, but apparently the swine flu fiasco has brought out the zombie-killer in me.

Still attempting to prettify my Dreamwidth, which this is being cross-posted to. Will at some point brave the headache that is old!Photoshop in an effort to construct a header, since Dreamwidth does sadly lack in a diverse range of appealing layouts. My glee at having found this one pretty layout on a graphics journal was somewhat marred by realising the sheer volume of others who had also found it. One thing LJ has going for it is definitely the sheer quantity of pre-made layouts, even if they're not all quality. Also speaking of Dreamwidth - crossposting. I've heard there are clients you can use, and uh I would appreciate advice from flist on what's best and easiest to use. ^_^;;

I'm going to try and undertake a project of updating this thing every day for a week. I was reading through some of my old (high school era) LJ entries, and I was struck by how much I used to update. Granted, this was due to not having any sort of life, but just looking back reminded me of so many (good and bad) things that I'd completely forgotten. And idk, maybe in another three years I'll be thinking "gosh, what was I doing in uni again instead of studying?", and it'd be nice to be able to read back and find a detailed account of "oh yeah, I was playing video games and reading fanfiction".
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