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First off, thanks for all the congratulations re the wedding ♥ It was a great day, will upload some pics once we've gotten them off sister-in-law who was the photographer.

Been a bit sick over the last few days, which is unfortunate, but better now than during the wedding! (Well, it was coming on during then, but eh.) Unfortunately it's meant that I've missed a bunch of classes, which is really annoying as I was already behind. But eh, it's the kind of can-barely-even-stand sickness, so it's not like it could've been any other way. Last night was insanely bad, so I'm hoping that at least that was the fever breaking and I'm on the mend today.

Unfortunately have been too sick to play Mass Effect 2, let alone start on 3, which is a huge shame because all of the hype backlash re the ending has made me REALLY CURIOUS. Is it a case of ridiculously entitled fanbase, or an amazingly crappy ending? I MUST KNOW. (I'm thinking ridiculously entitled fanbase, though. BioWare are by no means perfect, but their base is so absurdly broken.)

The one good thing about being sick is that I've missed the annual Melbourne Grand Prix debate. idek.
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