Mar. 31st, 2012

arise: (star trek ♥ i reject your captaincy)
I finally started Mass Effect 3! I don't have many spoilery thoughts about him, so I'm going to say that while I'm actually enjoying the game, there are three things about it that are really shitting me. In ascending levels of frivolity:

1. WHY IS THE LIGHTING ON THE NORMANDY SO BAD OH MY GOD, THIS IS SUCH A OSHA HAZARD SO MUCH HATRED. It's such a minor thing but it bothers me so much. For, like, everyone on my flist, the 'lighting' on the bridge consists of the red emergency lights on the ground and the glow from the computer monitors. No overhead lights, despite the fact that I KNOW THEY ARE THERE. How the fuck can anyone even see? I have such a new appreciation for the decent lighting in 2. Ironically this is the thing on the list that bothers me most.

2. Don't really like the new scanning system. While RUN AWAY is pretty funny, it lacks the relaxing grind. On a related note, I hate that I keep getting quests for worlds I can't visit yet. I spent so long looking for these two worlds, only to give up and get husband to Wiki it - turns out they just weren't unlocked yet. Argh. It's a little design thing, but annoying as hell.

3. My Shep ended up with both a facelift and a racelift. D: Well, racelift is probably a bit too strong, but she's got the darkest available skin-tone in 3 and it's still lighter than her old tone. idk I'm going to give the game the benefit of the doubt and say that it might be a weird contrast/brightness issue with my TV. What definitely isn't is randomly looking ten years younger. :/ SIGH.

Those gripes aside, I am actually enjoying the game. ♥ Liara, etc.. I don't want to describe the scene b/c cbf making a spoiler cut, but "stay away from my girl" was like the best thing ever and totes shipping Shep/Liara all the way. And the game in general is fun and I'm actually getting kinda interested in the main story which is an improvement from last time! Still can't wait to see the terrible ending.
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