Feb. 2nd, 2012

arise: (tales ♥ cherryblossoms)
Haven't posted for a little while, not due to any real reason, just getting stuff organised. My enrolment is all sorted, and I've registered with the equality and diversity department at the uni. They're being pretty excellent - since my due date is right at the start of the exam period, my exams are all being moved to the end of the period, and I'm getting extra time. It really does mitigate a lot of the stuff that I was worried about :)

In other exciting news, we're organising the wedding! :D I'm trying out a new signature. It's so weird! My signature is A-[Surname], and even though my future married name starts with the same letter as my maiden name, it's weird writing something else. /lame problems

I'm impressed with the DW import journal tool. I put it on a little while ago, and while I'm still waiting for comments to come through, everything else imported within about half an hour. It's really nifty! Also reminds me that I should probably write a proper bio and sticky post at some point. idk lazy.
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