Jan. 9th, 2012

arise: (zuko | i'm never happy)
I really need to remember that The Escapist is really fucking stupid and I only go there for the videos, even if one or two of the articles are okay occasionally. idk it always gets me more annoyed than it should.

Planning a romantic getaway. Was originally going to be to some regional area in Victoria or maybe Sydney again, but after a chance visit to a travel site realised that it would actually be as cheap or cheaper (wtf) to go to Bali. So yeah, maybe doing that. Still not totally sure because I've never been overseas before and coward.

Have had very relaxing few days. Been kinda down a bit, but starting to feel a bit better about everything. Long periods of inactivity really don't suit me ;; I want to be doing something! Lounging around at home all day always sounds great until you've been doing it for ages!

haha I will so be regretting saying that once uni starts again. Oh well!

Also reading about all the RP communities transferring over to DW makes me want to join one but no I do not have the time or commitment abilitiy. gdi.
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