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Husband and I went to see The Dark Knight Rises today! I liked it! Which pleasantly surprised me, as I didn't much care for The Dark Knight at all. But yeah, I really, really enjoyed it! The plot was solid, the characters were solid - I called the Talia twist pretty early, but I'd chalk that down to thinking "Wow, I really wish Talia would show up in one of these". Blake was cute, Selina was a great audience stand-in, Bane was nothing like comics!Bane but nevertheless a good villain... yeah, solid all around. The ending was sweet, too - it would've felt hollow if Bruce had kept ~protecting Gotham from the shadows~ when so much of the movie was about moving on.

The theme of the movie was something I was a little less clear on, which was something that really put me off TDK but I didn't mind so much here; maybe because it feels like a bit more of a grey area. I generally took it as being "armed uprising's not as great as your mate in the Che Guevera shirt makes it sound". The image of a mass of cops charging at a mass of militia folks in hoodies and jackets was pretty potent, though, especially since the cops were the protagonists. I'm trying not to read into it too much, though, as there's a fine line between subtext and me reading my opinions into things. But then, maybe that's the point.

Or Cillian Murphy cameos. Cillian Murphy cameos could also be the point, and who could disagree with that?

(Sort of) in honour of the occasion, we also went and picked up a few trades. Specifically trying to fill out the Secret Six collection (more Bane!), and we wound up picking up the first Journey into Mystery and (new) New Mutants as well. argghhhhh little!Loki so good. I'll be so sad if they really do age up Loki again because of the movie. DX
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