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Have spent the better (conscious) part of the last twenty-four hours giving myself a crash course in breastfeeding. Still find the entire concept quite daunting and a little weird, but it is undeniably the cost-efficient option and I am a pragmatic soul. Luckily was able to get into an ante-natal class this weekend - apparently it had been booked out for weeks but I happened to call ten minutes after someone had cancelled. Lucky!

Aside from that have been pretty out of it today. I keep getting pain from strained ligaments, and my insomnia + natural insomnia from pregnancy is really taking its toll. I'm always exhausted, but even when I do sleep, the quality is so shitty that I wake up exhausted. Thank god I don't actually have to do anything - the boredom has driven me mad at times, but deferring from uni was quite possibly the smartest decision I've made all pregnancy. I'm basically just waiting to go into labour at this point - it should be pretty soon, since apparently you usually go into labour at an average between the mother and father's births, and I was born at 36 weeks. I'm at 38 now, so I guess it could be any time.

It's kind of daunting, but I'll also just be glad to have this period over with. The anticipation is huge, and I feel way too physically and mentally wrecked all the time to sleep properly and enjoy the leisure time while I can anyway. The only way I can sleep properly is by taking a Panadeine Extra or Forte right before bed and letting the codeine do its magic, but that only lasts a couple of hours and has very, uh, unfortunate side-effects on digestion, so can't do that too often.

I still have some worries and fears, but none of them are anything I can actually do something about right now, so I'm trying to be chill. Shit like "am I going to bond with baby?", "will breastfeeding be easy or a living nightmare?", "how is this going to affect my marriage?". I feel old, if this is the shit I'm worried about.

On a completely different and much sillier note, about six months ago I bought a new copy of Dead Rising to replace my old one, which suffered the "lent to friend I don't see any more" fate. Went to play it yesterday - turns out the copy is NTSC. I don't even know where I bought it, let alone have a receipt, and one of the three candidates has since closed down. So now I'm still down a copy of Dead Rising and I've got an NTSC version. Don't suppose anyone wants it? Don't even worry about paying postage, it's useless to me anyway.

Edit: There's also a copy of Disgaea 3 for PS3, same story.
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