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Been having a pretty hard time with joint pain lately. It's gotten to the point where most nights I wake up at least once or twice from the pain, and I usually need to be helped up/down. It's hard to go out anywhere, either - even walking through the house is exhausting. It's just frustrating not being able to take any medication for it. :/ Esp with also not being able to take sleeping meds.

On the bright side, only a few more weeks to go.
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Kinda broody over personal problems. Can't really be helped, but is an annoying situation that needs to be navigated. (Might elaborate later.)

Played about seven to eight hours of Xenoblade Chronicles. It's pretty fun - I see why people compared it to an MMO. The quest system could be a bit more elegant (a sidepane would be great), but it could also be a hell of a lot less elegant (hello ME3), so I'm happy with what I've got. Lost interest in the actual storyline awhile ago, but it's a fun enough game to mess around with and grind. It satisfies my primal need to faff about in a nicely-rendered environment completing endless fetch quests. Though I must say, it makes a stellar case for why equipment shouldn't be individually rendered. I've gotten to the point where the best equipment makes everyone look incredibly stupid all the time.

So yeah, it's fun. I'm not sure if I'll ever actually finish it, depending on how long it goes, but definitely good fetch quest fodder. I wish it was on something other than the Wii - it'd be great to see those graphics in proper HD. The environment design is great!
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The sexual dimorphism among the three party members I've gotten so far in Xenoblade Chronicles is kinda freaking me out.

Game's pretty fun aside from that, though.
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Now that I'm getting over the disappointment, here's a proper post about Mass Effect 3. I actually did enjoy it, all up! )

I made a Kaidan playlist to deal with the ~disappointment~ about the ending, so once I get around to making cover art I guess I'll post it. I have a whole bunch of mixes that I've made but never posted because I'm so shitty with cover art. DX (Even though I 'manced Liara, Kaidan's actually my favourite. Just valued my broseph relationship with him. Next playthrough!) Ummm going to play Xenoblade Chronicles next, I've decided. It looks good. Hopefully it will have a better ending!
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That was a really, really bad ending.
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Husband is playing the multiplayer at the moment, and he seems to be enjoying it. I'd play, but my reflexes aren't good enough, it'd just be really stressful. :( So here are some more thoughts on the single player. ) Must be getting near to the end of the game. It's been fun, though! Still can't wait to see this terrible ending. I'm tossing up what to play next - currently between The Last Story and Disgaea 4.
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I've gotten a fair way into Mass Effect 3 now, I think. I'm enjoying it so far, with some reservations. I feel like a lot of the controls and interface are a step backwards; little things like the weapon descriptions no longer listing what types of shielding they're good against, and the cover mechanics being so damn twitchy. No matter how many times you try to convince me that rolling is a good idea, I'm not going to buy it! Here are some more spoiler-laden thoughts. )

Watching husband play Asura's Wrath. I use the word 'play' in the loosest possible sense, as most of it seems to be watching cutscenes and occasional quick-time events. It looks incredibly dull to me, but idk he likes it. *shrug* I get bored and fidgety with a game if there's nothing to do for more than five minutes.

wait what.

Apr. 2nd, 2012 12:28 pm
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It might be a warped impression that I'm getting from watching my husband play the 360 game, but Naruto has a REALLY broken Aesop, on multiple levels. Sasuke ditches his friends and is a total jerk (to put it lightly) to Naruto, while repeatedly telling Naruto to leave him alone and that he's not interested in being his friend... and Naruto obsessively trying to stay friends with him is a good thing?

Kids these days.
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Fire Emblem no resets playthrough came to an ignominous end because we reset a lot during the Dawn Brigade chapters. XD;; It was about at the point when husband lost Edward, Leonardo and Nolan on, like, the fourth level, so... yeah, saving future misery. So now it's "no resets unless we really really really have to"! Fun is more important, anyway.

I've got a weird task ahead of me this week - going through my father's stuff. He's back from his field work now, and has decided to divest himself of most of his earthly possessions. For some people this might be a cause for concern - for my dad, who's a total hoarder, it's great. What that means for me, though, is that I've got to go around to his place and pick through his stuff for anything I want before he chucks it away. It's not bad, but it is weird. He still lives in the same house where I spent most of my teenage years, even though my mother and I are both gone, so most of the stuff there is filled with memories. Even being there feels awkward a lot of the time, let alone considering things.

There's also the fact that I'm pretty much an anti-hoarder, so much of it cosists of him trying to stress how emotionally significant something is and me not really caring about my class photos of Primary School #6 that I hated anyway. I guess it feels like going through a dead relative's things, except thankfully no-one's passed away. It's still awkward and uncomfortable, though. I took everything that was mine from there when I moved out. All I'm taking now is various knick-knacks belonging to my parents that I've always liked, which does not number very many. (He showed me a storage room; I left with a small milk crate.)

Still, if it's awkward for me, I can't imagine how weird it is for my mum. Honestly, I'd rather get it over with as soon as possible - I'd go tomorrow if I could, since I know it'll only take me an hour or two. But she can't get over there until Saturday, and I don't want to leave her to have to do her part of it by herself. Especially since her part will take so much longer.

Time does march on, I suppose. Perhaps it'll be cathartic.
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I finally started Mass Effect 3! I don't have many spoilery thoughts about him, so I'm going to say that while I'm actually enjoying the game, there are three things about it that are really shitting me. In ascending levels of frivolity:

1. WHY IS THE LIGHTING ON THE NORMANDY SO BAD OH MY GOD, THIS IS SUCH A OSHA HAZARD SO MUCH HATRED. It's such a minor thing but it bothers me so much. For, like, everyone on my flist, the 'lighting' on the bridge consists of the red emergency lights on the ground and the glow from the computer monitors. No overhead lights, despite the fact that I KNOW THEY ARE THERE. How the fuck can anyone even see? I have such a new appreciation for the decent lighting in 2. Ironically this is the thing on the list that bothers me most.

2. Don't really like the new scanning system. While RUN AWAY is pretty funny, it lacks the relaxing grind. On a related note, I hate that I keep getting quests for worlds I can't visit yet. I spent so long looking for these two worlds, only to give up and get husband to Wiki it - turns out they just weren't unlocked yet. Argh. It's a little design thing, but annoying as hell.

3. My Shep ended up with both a facelift and a racelift. D: Well, racelift is probably a bit too strong, but she's got the darkest available skin-tone in 3 and it's still lighter than her old tone. idk I'm going to give the game the benefit of the doubt and say that it might be a weird contrast/brightness issue with my TV. What definitely isn't is randomly looking ten years younger. :/ SIGH.

Those gripes aside, I am actually enjoying the game. ♥ Liara, etc.. I don't want to describe the scene b/c cbf making a spoiler cut, but "stay away from my girl" was like the best thing ever and totes shipping Shep/Liara all the way. And the game in general is fun and I'm actually getting kinda interested in the main story which is an improvement from last time! Still can't wait to see the terrible ending.
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Given that the movie of it is apparently A Big Deal, I went out today and tried to buy the first book of The Hunger Games, because I like to be up on what all the hip young kids are into and so forth. In what was genuinely a pretty cool twist, the bookstore I went to at the local mall was sold out of it, which was actually really nice to see. It's a pleasant thought that best-selling books can still be sold out in this day and age; it offsets the whole 'bookstores closing everywhere' doom and gloom. /cool story bro

It's been somewhat of an effort thanks to EA servers being crappy, but I've finally managed to set up Mass Effect 3. It's annoying, since it takes about two to three minutes just to load up the damn start screen, and I haven't actually gotten a chance to play yet. Sat down at about 1pm thinking "oh yay, everyone's out, time for a few hours with Shepard!". Turned out to be a few hours trying to load the Collector's Edition DLC and wrangling the constantly timing out EA servers. Bleh. Maybe tomorrow?

Practically no-one on my friends list is actually in Melbourne, but if you are or happen to be in the next couple of weeks, you should check this out. The person who runs it is actually my father-in-law, and it's a really fun show!

big baby!

Mar. 29th, 2012 10:08 pm
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Had an appointment at the hospital today! Didn't learn much, except that apparently baby is a bit bigger than average, so yay for that. (It explains my beachball tummy, at least!) And then went baby-shopping with husband/mum/bf, so yeah today was a day of babies. I'm feeling pretty positive about it all, though it's hard to believe it's only ten weeks away. I'm going pretty heavily into nesting mode, characterised chiefly by buying a whole bunch of furniture at Ikea and nagging husband to assemble it. 8D

Have just started playing RD for no-resets run - on Normal mode, as you recommended [personal profile] amielleon. Only just started the first level, so no trends to report yet. For PoR, we made it to endgame with only a couple more losses - Rhys and Rolf in 28, and then Marcia and Stefan in endgame. Had a surprisingly successful time using Largo as a pinch-hit in Endgame!

Still haven't started Mass Effect 3, but may do so tonight if I feel up to it. Every time I try, it won't let me connect to the Origin servers :/ I'm playing on 360, but I need to dl all the stuff I got with the Collector's Edition. Once I do get it working, I'm planning to play pretty solidly.
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I deferred from my uni course today. In some ways, it was a snap decision, but I've been worried about my ability to continue for awhile. Besides, now I can wait for the results from my first degree to come through, and look at a few different Masters programs. Or even take some extra time and do post-grad for my BA. Either way, it's nice not to feel like I'm working to such a deadline. I feel kinda bad, like I've given up, but it's really the most sensible option right now.

I'm honestly a bit worried about my physical state, though. idk, I feel so drained all the time, I keep getting random hot flushes and dizziness, blurred/black spots in vision, weird symptoms like that. I've got a hospital appointment on Thursday, so I guess I'll get it checked out then.

In FE playthrough news, sadly lost Mia in Chapter 24, and Boyd just now in Chapter 26, both to freak criticals. Such is life, I suppose. We're almost there! Our Rhys is seriously fantastic - I've never had much luck with him before, but this Rhys turned out pretty amazing.

Going to start on Mass Effect 3 soon, given that I don't have much else to do with my time. Should be fun! :D
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Going okayish on earlier-mentioned bullshit assignment. Higher education is such a pain sometimes. The whole process is weirdly cathartic, actually - we have to analyse a life transition, and I'm doing the early stages of my pregnancy.

My pregnancy which is coming to an end worryingly soon. It's hard to believe that the baby's due in ten weeks. I've gotten so used to being pregnant that the idea of not being pregnant, let alone having a baby to look after, is bizarre. It feels like so much more time has passed, but really, we've only known about the baby proper for about five months. Ah well.

Inspired by [personal profile] amielleon, husband and I have started a tag team no resets Hard runthrough of FE9/10. Well, almost no-resets - it's only his second time playing, so in order to convince him that this was not AN IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE, we agreed to each pick a champion (I picked Soren, he picked Gatrie) and to reset each chapter if they die, and also if Ike dies/we hit a lose condition. Fortunately we've only had one such incident so far, and that was neither of us being aware that Naesala's ravens can and will claim the sieze point on the ship level where you get Astrid. We've lost three units so far - husband lost Shinon way back in chapter 7 and Titania in chapter 9, and I stupidly lost Mist in Chapter 12 when I messed up the raven blockade formation. It's been a lot of fun so far! He's playing through Chapter 16 as we speak.

Have banned self from Mass Effect 3 until this assignment is done. Must. Finish. Assignment. At this pont, it's just become a matter of determination to know what all the drama is about!
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Just finished Mass Effect 2, and about to move on to 3! I'll catch up with the rest of the internet yet!

I thought it would be a LOT longer, honestly. )

On to Mass Effect 3 tomorrow! If it's of a similar length, hopefully I'll be able to burn through it in a couple of weeks. :)
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First off, thanks for all the congratulations re the wedding ♥ It was a great day, will upload some pics once we've gotten them off sister-in-law who was the photographer.

Been a bit sick over the last few days, which is unfortunate, but better now than during the wedding! (Well, it was coming on during then, but eh.) Unfortunately it's meant that I've missed a bunch of classes, which is really annoying as I was already behind. But eh, it's the kind of can-barely-even-stand sickness, so it's not like it could've been any other way. Last night was insanely bad, so I'm hoping that at least that was the fever breaking and I'm on the mend today.

Unfortunately have been too sick to play Mass Effect 2, let alone start on 3, which is a huge shame because all of the hype backlash re the ending has made me REALLY CURIOUS. Is it a case of ridiculously entitled fanbase, or an amazingly crappy ending? I MUST KNOW. (I'm thinking ridiculously entitled fanbase, though. BioWare are by no means perfect, but their base is so absurdly broken.)

The one good thing about being sick is that I've missed the annual Melbourne Grand Prix debate. idek.

Mar. 19th, 2012 08:30 am
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Got married on Saturday, so that's pretty awesome. Everything went off without a hitch. Got a new surname to get used to! ♥
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totes a game behind, but here's some Mass Effect 2 talk!

The amazing adventures of Jack Bauer IN SPACE. )

oh yeah by the way I'm getting married this weekend so I'll probably talk about that a bit more at some point. CLEARLY MASS EFFECT COMES FIRST IN MY MIND.
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Today was a day of good news and bad news! The bad news first, since I like to end on a happy note. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but since August, I've been taking sleeping medication to help with my insomnia. It's been amazing and basically transformed my life, wish I'd discovered it years ago, etc.. Unfortunately, the medication I'm taking is also technically an anti-depressant, specifically a downer. That's never really affected me because I take it for insomnia, so I'm asleep during the actual downer effects most of the time - I've been awake for it sometimes, but not much. Being a downer, it actually has some pretty nasty side-effects. I've never had the side-effects before, and I've been taking it for months.

Unfortunately, in the last week or so, that's changed. I've spontaneously started falling into a fugue-like state, losing time, having... well, dark thoughts is the best way I can describe it, but in a completely emotionally detached manner. Like, I'll sit down for a few minutes and then suddenly find that it's half an hour later, or, as happened today, I'll suddenly find that I've walked out of a room full of people I was talking to and am halfway across the university with no idea when or why that happened. My theory is that the medication isn't processing through my system as quickly as it should because of some kind of third-trimester change, so I'm feeling the downer effects long after the sedative (and, indeed, the eight hours of sleep) is done. Either way, though, it means that I'll have to stop, or at least cut down on, the medication for at least a little while, and that truly is a miserable thought. It can't be helped, as insomnia is way preferrable to this, but it's a real pain. :(

The good news, however, is that apparently my university enrolment was screwed up! Normally this would be a bad thing, but in this case, they screwed it up by enrolling me in first year when I should've been skipped straight to second year! So, starting next week, I'll be attending a whole bevy of new subjects, and have credit for an entire year knocked off. I'm thrilled, needless to say. The idea of suddenly cutting to second year is a bit daunting, but hey, I've done it once, I can do it again! I do have a whole new timetable to learn, though, and new books to buy! (And the old ones were so expensive...)

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