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Husband and I are trying out playing various games that we've had sitting around forever and either haven't played at all or haven't played for years, to decide whether to keep or trade them. We're giving each game between fifteen minutes and half an hour. I played Dead Island (almost wrote Dad Island there), which is essentially a Very Serious Dead Rising but actually quite fun once you get used to the questionable accents; Prototype 1, which husband hates because he thinks Mercer is a twat but I quite liked because Mercer is a twat; Kingdom Hearts 358 1/2 Days which made me intensely fond of Axel in the 15 minutes I spent playing it where every other KH game failed to do so; Lux-Pain which was probably very nice except for the dull, confusing translation; and Lost Odyssey, which I am still a bit ambivalent towards but think I will probably enjoy once I give it a proper go. He played Sonic Generations and Star Ocean 4 (which he hated), and Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare and Uncharted 2 (which he liked).

Okay now that I'm done talking about that, everyone should go buy this because okay I understand like no-one on my flist reads comics but IF YOU DID you would really like Secret Six which is about a mismatched group of mercenary psycopaths going on misadventures with funny lines and homoerotic subtext (it has Bane in it, and he is similar to DKR!Bane in humour if not character, motivation and backstory. and honestly he's way better characterised in S6 than he is in friggin' Knightfall). And IF YOU DID read Secret Six you would really like it, and this is by the same creative team.


seriously if anyone ever thinks about trying out any comics do yourself a favour and read it. and then buy this too. k im done.
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