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Attempting to roleplay has been stymied several times by the little one being testy. Murphy's law when specifically applied to babies dictates that they will go through their fussy periods at the exact time you had planned to do something, and it will not occur to you that you could've undertaken this activity at any prior point during the day when they were sleeping peacefully.

Husband is downloading Secret War because idk a bunch of our friends like it. I haven't played anything but Civ since the birth. idk I'm just not in a gaming mood lately? Would like to get back on the Mafia II horse, though. It's one of those games where you enjoy playing it but once you put it down you forget to pick it back up.

Almost finished watching the entirety of The West Wing. Moving on to 24 afterwards. Have watched so much TV in the last few weeks that I don't even know what to say.
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