Apr. 4th, 2012

arise: (dogma ♥ buddy christ)
I've gotten a fair way into Mass Effect 3 now, I think. I'm enjoying it so far, with some reservations. I feel like a lot of the controls and interface are a step backwards; little things like the weapon descriptions no longer listing what types of shielding they're good against, and the cover mechanics being so damn twitchy. No matter how many times you try to convince me that rolling is a good idea, I'm not going to buy it! Here are some more spoiler-laden thoughts. )

Watching husband play Asura's Wrath. I use the word 'play' in the loosest possible sense, as most of it seems to be watching cutscenes and occasional quick-time events. It looks incredibly dull to me, but idk he likes it. *shrug* I get bored and fidgety with a game if there's nothing to do for more than five minutes.
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