Jan. 17th, 2012

arise: (merlin ♥ oh shit son)
I hate it when you make a decision that makes perfect sense at the time you make it, given everything you know about the probability of certain events occurring, and yet it goes on to be proven completely wrong by unpredictable external stimuli. I especially hate it when you realise that it has gone wrong just in time to be fully aware of the implications, but not in time to correct your course of action and make the other choice.

In this particular case, it was not taking my sleeping medication because I was going to sleep much later than normal due to heat and had to wake up early in the morning for a doctor's appointment. Usually this would result in a non-restful sleep that nevertheless sees me through for a few hours. Unfortunately, it has now resulted in complete insomnia. I have to be up in three hours, so there's no way I can take the medication now as I'd be rendered effectively comatose (and prone to the side-effects, which are really unpleasant!), but I do not like my chances of sleeping without it. gdi. ;;

Also it seriously took me like twenty minutes to type this out in a remotely sense-make fashion. As subject line says, I have no idea if this is even coherent. Icon about depicts my face upon realising what the time was and going, "Well, if I have to wake up at 7am and it is now 3:30am..."

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